Intensive Treatment Services

Program Phone: 541-743-2611
Fax: 541-868-0340 (fax)
550 River Road – Eugene, OR 97404

The Intensive Treatment Services Program provides psychiatric residential mental health treatment and sub-acute treatment services for male and female youth ages 8 to 18. The length of stay can vary based on clinical need and treatment progress. Upon successful completion of the program, youth will discharge to a community based setting. Components of the Intensive Treatment Services Program include:

Residential Treatment

This program provides 24-hour supervised group living combined with clinical treatment in a therapeutic setting. Youth and families work with counselors to create individualized service plans to determine their goals and define the activities necessary to achieve them.

Mental Health Treatment

The program will utilize evidence based practices (EBP’s) to support youth within a structured and therapeutic environment. Under the guidance of the Clinical Director, Clinical Manager and consulting Psychiatrist, the program provides a treatment model conducive to stabilization and progress specific to Individual Service and Support Plans. All team members will be trained in the use of Collaborative Problem Solving and have access to additional EBP’s based on individual client needs.

Substance Abuse Treatment

Intensive Treatment Services and the Looking Glass Counseling Program will collaborate to provide substance abuse treatment when needed.

Academic Instruction/Education

The state-certified on-site school provides lessons in language arts, math, science, health education, living skills, speech/communications, and physical education. Some youth prepare for GED tests while others earn credits toward high school diplomas.

Physical Health

On-site nursing is provided 7 days/week to ensure the physical well-being of our clients.

Family Counseling

Clinicians meet regularly with youth and their families to assist with communication and conflict resolution within the family dynamic. Parents and families are strongly encouraged to spend time observing and visiting the program. 

Hours: reception & general information 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday