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A Typical Day at ITS

Intensive Treatment Services (ITS) provides male and female youth ages 8 to 18 with a structured, supportive and safe place to receive mental health treatment services.

The length of stay, treatment areas, and desired outcomes vary for each youth. However, all share a common aspiration of building skills and reaching goals integral to success at home and in the community. The focus of treatment is tailored specifically to each youth’s needs. Treatment focus may include mood and behavior regulation, social skills and family centered therapy. Family involvement is highly valued as youth work collaboratively with families, counselors and additional supports to build skills and positive relationships.

Trust, teamwork, and problem solving skills are integrated by both staff and peers alike to foster a positive, safe and supportive environment aimed at assisting each youth in reaching their highest potential. 

A typical day at ITS

7:00-8:30  Wake up, Morning Routine (hygiene, daily expectations)

8:30-9:00  Breakfast

9:00-9:30  Housekeeping  

9:30-10:45  Morning Recreation/Physical activity (May include offsite Community Recreation, Community Service, or Structured physical activities)

10:45-11:00  Snack

11:00-12:00  Group (Focus areas include Anger Management, Behavioral Therapy, and Collaborative Problem Solving)

12:00-12:45  Lunch

12:45-3:30  School (District certified on-site school where education/training areas are adapted to meet individual student’s needs)

3:30-4:00  Quiet Room Time (Structured down time where youth have the opportunity to relax, complete responsibilities, homework, talk with counselors, or engage in quiet individual activities)

4:00-4:30  Snack

4:40-6:00  Physical Activity/Afternoon Groups

6:00-7:00  Dinner

7:00-7:30  Dorm and Kitchen Chores, Nightly Responsibilities (Laundry, Shower, Phone Calls)

7:30-9:15  Structured Recreation (on-site or offsite in community)

9:15-9:45  Room time (prepare for bed, nightly hygiene routine)

9:45           Lights out

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