ProACT is 20 hours of crisis intervention training focusing on verbal de-escalation and prevention, including restraint and seclusion. There is also evaluation of employee physical ability and professionalism. Employees must meet requirements in both physical ability and professional conduct as evaluated by instructors.

Below are some of the Physical abilities needed to pass ProAct:

  • Ability to maintain active participation while standing and moving around for up to two hours with minimal break in activity.
  • Demonstrates range of motion in limbs, neck, and torso sufficient to move about and react to changing stimuli while unencumbered and while managing a load.
  • Demonstrates grip strength sufficient to limit range of motion of an assaultive individual with help from a partner.
  • Squatting to the ground.
  • Kneeling.
  • Sitting on the ground and getting back up.
  • Balancing on one foot, stepping forward, backward, and side to side while maintain balance.
  • Working with a partner to move in unison while maintaining balance and communication.