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Looking Glass Community Services

If you are currently experiencing a crisis please contact

Looking Glass Crisis line: (541) 689-3111 or Dial 911


Looking Glass Administration

1790 W 11th Ave, Suite 200, Eugene, OR  97402

Telephone Inquiries

Administrative office phone: (541) 686-2688

Counseling program phone: (541) 484-4428

Riverfront School and Career Center: (541) 302-2554

Center Point School (541) 868-0661

Station 7 Shelter: (541) 689-3111

New Roads Drop-in, Outreach and Transitional Housing (541) 686-4310

New Roads School: (541) 302-2551

Rural Program: (541) 767-3823

Pathways Girls Program: (541) 790-2540

Pathways Boys/Parole Revocation Diversion Program: (541) 790-2540

River Road Residential Services; Kyanite: (541) 743-2611

Stepping Stone Program: (541) 342-4293

For all other telephone inquiries or to reach one of our satellite offices, please contact the administrative office.

For direct email contacts for our Admin staff or Program Directors, click here.

Our Cottage Grove building is located at 1648, 508 E Whiteaker Ave, Cottage Grove, OR 97424

Email Inquiries

Please complete the form below, thank you.

Someone will get back to you within one business day. We enjoy interacting with our community and want to hear from you. Please be sure to indicate what kind of help you need so the email is directed to the person best able to help. For immediate assistance 24/7 please contact (541) 689-3111.


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