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This Confidentiality Statement contains information relative to our website.

Website or Electronic Personal Information

We tally but do not record site visits, cookies or other personal information from visits to our website. If you provide us with personal information it will be held in confidence. We do not collect information via the web to share with other programs, agencies or businesses.


There may be buttons on this webpage that link to other organizations. We placed those buttons on our webpage because they are partner agencies or organizations. Looking Glass is not responsible for the privacy policy or practices of any third party.

Liability Limit

Looking Glass makes no claim of warranty for information on this webpage. We endeavor to maintain the accuracy of the information about our programs, but we make no warranty for the accuracy or for use or misuse of information contained on the website.


No information or use of the website or information on the website is permitted without the express permission of the Chief Executive Officer or their designee.