Looking Glass Supports Eugene Blacks in Government


On Friday, February 9th, Looking Glass CEO Craig Opperman and staff, along with Lawanda and James Manning, had the privilege of attending our local chapter of Blacks in Government's annual banquet. With much of Lane County leadership in attendance, guests heard from keynote speaker Judge Adrienne Nelson and DA John M. Haroldson.

Judge Nelson's speech gave an overview of her life and provided a framework she recommends for how to bring about change in our communities. Details from her speech included the story of how her high school attempted to deny recognizing her as the valedictorian of her graduating class, her mother as a role model, and her optimism as key to how she works to bring equity and justice to Oregon.

The theme for the night was "Professional Development The Role it Plays in Diversity and Inclusion." Many of the night's speakers called on attendees to not passively pursue a policy of diversity in their workplaces, but to be active in recruiting diverse candidates to build stronger organizations and accomplish more for our community.

Organizer and local chapter president Linda Hamilton in recognizing those in attendance, mentioned Craig Opperman and Looking Glass, thanking him for his attendance and the vital work Looking Glass does for our community.