Center Point School Holds Open House Ahead of Graduation

The week of June 4th through 8th was Spirit Week at Looking Glass' Center Point School. The activities of the week ended with an open house at the school preceding graduation events on Thursday, June 14th. 

"The purpose of the Open House is to celebrate the amazing work our students engaged in throughout the academic school year." Said Lynda Whitener the Program Director for Center Point. "It showcases the extraordinary effort our teachers put in to ensure that classes are educational, and that the students are actively engaged in what they are learning.  We invited parents, caregivers, community and school partners, and Looking Glass employees to come and experience first hand what occurs here at Center Point School."

Like at most schools, Spirit Week is meant to help build the community of the school and serve as a send off for graduates. "What the students enjoy most about Spirit Week is seeing how the staff dress up and participate!" said Whitener about Spirit Week.

"Gary" a student at Center Point school served as one of the main tour guides at the open house. He gave visitors a tour of all the displays, pointing out projects he and his fellow students were most proud of. The tour ended with the recently finished student mural. Gary's contribution to the mural, seen below, is of two cars and a diverging path. He said that this represents how he was barreling down a bad path in his life, like a race car, but Center Point offered him a different, calmer path. He is so thankful to have gotten the education and help he needed here. He is sad to be graduating, but knows he has developed the skills to succeed at whatever he pursues.

"Gary's" contribution to the student mural

"Gary's" contribution to the student mural