Program Spotlight: Riverfront School and Career Center (VIDEO)

Looking Glass' Riverfront School and Career Center, an accredited alternative high school located on West 12th in Eugene, offers opportunity for academic success for students in Lane County and also helps youth find a career path.

Daniel, a recent Riverfront graduate, is thankful for the school offering him a 2nd chance after he dropped out.

"I think Looking Glass is really amazing," Daniel explained. "I think they're needed for troubled kids like me or those that need help to find their way in the world."

Riverfront School's student population fluctuates throughout the year, with students transitioning in and out but maintains an average of about 65 youth at any given time and serves roughly 130 during an average school year.

"All of our students get a lot of one-on-one attention with the teachers here," said Riverfront School & Career Center Education Supervisor Marielle Hart. "It's a special place."

In addition to academic services, Riverfront houses the Independent Living Program, which assists foster youth transition to successfully living on their own, as well as the Job Training Program, which helps youth identify career goals, and find employment including internships, part and full-time jobs.

To learn more about Riverfront School and Career Center, contact Riverfront Program Director, Cheryl Zwillinger, at