National Safe Place Week - Fundraiser at Tacovore

Have you seen this sign hanging around town?


Ever wonder what it’s all about?

You have likely seen the familiar yellow sign displayed prominently in the windows of various local businesses, including Dari Marts, Fire Stations, LTD Buses and Stations, and McDonalds. The Safe Place sign denotes that a location is a partner in helping youth access safety at the Looking Glass Station 7 emergency youth shelter.

station 7.jpeg

Project Safe Place is a national program that provides youth with safe places to seek help 24-hours per day.  Youth ages 11-17 can access any of the 68 Safe Place sites across Lane County identified by the yellow and black diamond-shaped signs.

Staff at each site are trained to assist the youth in contacting Station 7. Depending on the situation youth can get on any LTD bus and be transported to Station 7 free of charge by requesting a “Safe Place Ride,” or volunteer drivers can be dispatched to transport the youth.

Station 7 is the Safe Place Coordinator for Lane County. We connect local business and volunteers with our program to best serve the youth. We also offer presentations to middle and high school students to expand youth awareness of the program.

Our program is available for all of Lane County and is the only Safe Place program in Oregon. No matter where a youth is they can text “SAFE” and their current location (Address- City –State) to 44357 and within seconds they will receive a text with the closest Safe Place location. They then can response with “2chat” for a one-on-one support worker.

Please join us at Tacovore on Wednesday, March 20th to help raise funds for and increase awareness of this important service provided to at-risk youth throughout Lane County!


A big thank you to Tacovore for their generous donation, to all the businesses who partner with Looking Glass as Safe Place sites, and all staff, volunteers, and supporters of Looking Glass for joining us at Tacovore and/or spreading the word about this valuable service. See you Wednesday!