Looking Glass Celebrates Graduates from Our Schools


This year we had some amazing high school graduates from our three alternative schools. Riverfront, Center Point School, and New Roads School provide high school diplomas and GEDs to youth needing a specialized school environment. Our students have overcome much to achieve graduation. Amidst emotional challenges, learning disabilities, poverty, trauma, and other barriers students have worked hard to reach their education goals, we are so proud of all that they have accomplished.

Riverfront School’s graduation is a traditional high school graduation ceremony, held at Unitarian Universalist Church in Eugene. This year, long time supporter and board member Paul Frishkoff gave the commencement address, bringing his wisdom and humor to our graduates. Cheryl Zwillinger, Program Director for Riverfront spoke of the student’s achievements “The last week of school was filled with excitement as Riverfront students approached their final days as high school students. It is so meaningful to know that our students are leaving with the skills to succeed in our community.“

Center Point School’s graduation is an intimate ceremony providing time for personal reflection. Each graduate had current students, friends, family, and the staff speak to the pride they felt for the students and wished them well in their future pursuits.

Mary Tagett, Education Supervisor at Center Point spoke highly of this graduating class “Sean and Blaik will be missed by teachers and students for their leadership, kindness, and connectedness to our school; may the hard work they have accomplished catapult them into the next stage of their journey.”

New Roads School, for homeless youth, also held a graduation for a handful of students receiving their GEDs. This ceremony took place in the backyard of Station 7 with friends and family celebrating the immense hurdles that these students overcame to get their education.

Congratulations to all our 2019 graduates!