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#Volunesia: That moment when you forget you're volunteering to help change lives, because it's changing yours...

We can't thank the lovely staff over at the W. 11th Eugene Starbucks  enough for volunteering their time to help us wrap presents for the students over at Riverfront School! We appreciate your dedication and support tremendously!! <3

If you would like to volunteer with Looking Glass Community Services please head over to our website www.lookingglass.us and fill out a volunteer application! For any questions please contact our Administrative Office at 541.686.2688

Fundraising Nights with the Ducks

Looking Glass Community Services is proud to announce that we are one of the featured agencies for "Fundraising Nights with the Ducks".

For 3 games of the season, you can receive discounted basketball tickets by using the link and promo code below. In addition to discounted tickets, $3 of every ticket purchase will go directly back to Looking Glass.

This is such a fun and effortless way to support some of your local non-profits, so get your tickets while they're still available!!!

Website: Goducks.com/Promo

Promo Code: 2016LOOKINGGLASS


• December 11th vs Alabama
• December 28th vs UCLA
• February 16th vs Utah

For any questions please contact Alex Butier at 541-346-8467 or abutier@uoregon.edu

More Giving Trees Around Town!


Looking Glass now has Giving Trees at a number of different locations around town!!

- 5th Street Market (outside of Title 9 on the second floor)
- US Bank (on 29th and Willamette)
- Santa Clara US Bank
- US Bank (on Mohawk Blvd.)
- US Bank (Coburg Crescent)
- Oregon Contemporary Theater
- The Hult Center (starting 12/16)
- Oakway Center
- Valley River Center

Stop by and grab an ornament or tag and help brighten the holiday season for a youth in need. <3 We appreciate all the support we receive from the community so much.


Catch Us On KEZI!

KEZI News ran a great story on youth homelessness in Lane County. Looking Glass Community Services is the only nationally accredited Runaway and Homeless Youth provider in the state of Oregon and the only state licensed shelter for Runaway and Homeless Youth in Lane County.


EUGENE, Ore. -- An issue no one wants to see in our community, homelessness.

It is affecting the youngest in our area.

There are thousands of teens and young adults trying to survive every day, after running away from home or living on the streets.

But there are local nonprofits and survivors wanting to share their stories to put a stop to this problem.

The local nonprofit, Looking Glass, said youth homelessness is one of the biggest setbacks our community faces.

There are not enough resources to help everyone in need.

This nonprofit is making a difference in young people's lives every day.

"I just realized I'm so sick of how things are I want better than this," Jessica Russell, former shelter resident.

Twenty year old Jessica Russell, remembers the tough times in her childhood...

"It all starts with the fact that that I grew up in severe poverty," said Russell.

Russell lived in Sweet Home with her two brothers, her mom and her mom's boyfriend.

Starting at the young age of four, their family started dodging conflict, moving from one place to another.

"We never really lived anywhere longer than 8 months," said Russell.

By the age of 12 she had lived all over the state.

She put roots down anywhere from Sweet Home to Bonanza to Crescent.

During this time, she attended ten different.

"It was really hard because I loved school I had bad anxiety switching schools is really hard for me to make friends. I don't think I had a friend until I was 10," said Russell.

By the time she was 12, her family made it to Eugene but they were still living in confined and unstable environments.

"We were living in a family living room. I slept on the couch my mom on the love seat my brothers on a mattress on the floor," said Russell.

After a few years of living in another family's home, she and her family the family moved into an RV.

Even though Jessica was finally in one place, she still had a difficult time making school a priority.

"I couldn't shower regularly and it was out of town so I couldn't really get to school," said Russell.

Jessica said she wanted more from her life.

Her counselor told her about a local nonprofit that helps homeless and at risk youth.

"Looking Glass saved my life. I don't know where I would be without Looking Glass," said Russell.

When Jessica was 16 she found her way to the nonprofit.

Looking Glass staff worked with her and decided the latter housing project would be the best fit.

She moved into a studio apartment in Eugene and for the first time she was completely on her own.

Living by herself in a stable environment allowed Jessica to catch up on her credits and graduate high school.

But, Jessica is just one young adult receiving help from Looking Glass.

Officials with the nonprofit said youth homelessness is a growing problem in our area.

"The number of homeless youth and homelessness in our community now is unacceptable. We need to make better progress," said Craig Opperman, the president of looking glass.

Nonprofit officials said it is hard to come up with exact numbers of how many homeless youth are in our area because they are always on the move.

"A lot of them don't have a stable address a lot of them aren't really able to follow through on commencements because something may happen in their lives," said Opperman.

The nonprofit said they provide assistance to 32 youth each day and provides outreach services to more than 3,000 youth a year.

"They are on the streets for a reason, they are running away for a reason they have left a tough situation sometimes have been traumatized," said Opperman.

To help those young adults transitioning, they provide services ranging from counseling, to food, clothing shelter and education.

"I would rather help them at this stage, then have to pay for prisons later on hospitals later on, for the morgue later on," said Opperman.

Now Jessica is a part of that mission, giving back to a place that has given so much to her.

She is a newly hired night assistant at Station Seven.

She helps young adults adjust to staying at the shelter.

Now she is sharing her story and hopes to inspire other that may be where she once was.

 Looking Glass also works closely with law enforcement and other community organizations to help anyone who needs assistance.

The nonprofit has a 24 hour seven day a week hotline, that anyone can call day or night to get access to services, to find a shelter or find help anywhere in the community.

>>>> See More At: http://www.kezi.com/news/SPECIAL_REPORT_Youth_Homelessness.html#sthash.nUyEGdDD.dpuf

Purchase your Salsa del Rio here!


The Small Business Class at Looking Glass' Riverfront School is ready to sell both
red and green enchilada sauce packets!! The dry chile mix is a multi-purpose mix, made out of the finest, most authentic chilies from Hatch, New Mexico. Our sauce packets are made with all-natural ingredients, both GMO and Gluten-Free. Originally the recipe was prepared as an enchilada sauce mix, but we've found that you can use it for almost anything. Simply add water, and you’re ready to go! We like to use the sauce as a topping for burritos, tamales, huevos rancheros, or to add to taco meat or a chili recipe. 

The festive red and green packaging is perfect for the upcoming season and would make a perfect gift for everyone on your holiday list! 

Purchase yours here >>> www.salsadelrio.com


Riverfront School's Small Business Class!

Salsa del Rio is a youth-run business located at Riverfront School in Eugene, Oregon. Riverfront School is an accredited alternative school, offering education and vocational training for at-risk and out-of-school youth, ages 11-21. Riverfront’s mission is to "guide and support youth in developing the knowledge, responsibility, and the social skills necessary for productive citizenship." All proceeds help to fund the school’s Small Business and Entrepreneurship Program.


So wonderful seeing youth from the Small Business Class at Riverfront School out at the market selling their green & red Salsa del Rio enchilada sauce packets! Thanks for your support Eugene Saturday Market and be sure to get them while you can! These would make a fantastic holiday gift for your loved ones!

So wonderful seeing youth from the Small Business Class at Riverfront School out at the market selling their green & red Salsa del Rio enchilada sauce packets! Thanks for your support Eugene Saturday Market and be sure to get them while you can! These would make a fantastic holiday gift for your loved ones!

Giving Trees at Valley River!!


It’s that time of the year again friends! Help bring some holiday magic to a local child! <3

>>> The Giving Trees are now up at Valley River Center! From November 4th – December 4th the Giving Trees will be located between Café Aroma and JCPenney. Simply pick up an ornament and donate a gift to a child in need. Also, if you are wanting to specifically help a child from Looking Glass Community Services, look out for the golden-colored ornaments. We appreciate your support and so do the children within our community that will have gifts to open because of this wonderful holiday project.


Shop at Whole Foods Market + Support Looking Glass!


Shop at Whole Foods Market on November 23rd to Support Looking Glass!! <3

>>> Are you planning on ordering a turkey or other Thanksgiving food supplies in the coming weeks? If so, please consider shopping/ordering from Whole Foods Market to benefit Looking Glass!

We have been selected by Whole Foods to receive a donation of 5% of total sales on Wednesday, November 23rd.

That’s right, 5% of all sales made at Whole Foods on the day before Thanksgiving are going to Looking Glass!

This also applies to pre-orders that are picked up on the 23rd. That means that you can order your turkey and other holiday table foods now, purchase and pick them up the day before the big event, and support Looking Glass - all in one fell swoop!

You can make your order online at any time using the following link:
>>>> https://www.wholefoodsmarket.com/shop/EUG/2880

You may also order in person at the store beginning on November 14th. Remember, the final purchase must be made on the 23rd in order to benefit Looking Glass. This is a tremendous opportunity, so please help us spread the word by sharing with your friends and family!

Thanks for your support!


Feminine Hygiene Products Drive!

Did you know that feminine hygiene products are some of the most needed items at shelters?

They are also some of the least donated.

The Women's Advisory Council for Youth (WACY), a leadership group for girls at Ophelia's Place, is running a tampon and pad drive to benefit Looking Glass Station 7.

Please drop off donations at Ophelia's Place through October 26th & feel free to share this post with your friends!

Thank you so much Ophelia's Place for your continuous support! 

Ophelias Place.jpg

How to GIVE MORE at No Extra Cost!

As the holidays approach, many of us purchase gifts for our loved ones (and ourselves) online. Before you place your order on Cyber Monday, make sure your Amazon account is linked with AmazonSmile!

AmazonSmile is a simple and automatic way for you to support your favorite charitable organization every time you shop, at no cost to you. A portion of your purchase will be donated to an organization of your choice, which includes Looking Glass Community Services! It’s an effortless way to support Looking Glass all year long and especially during the giving season! Please feel free to share this post with family & friends.

For more information on AmazonSmile visit: 

>>>> http://smile.amazon.com/ch/93-0605174