NCU Helps Looking Glass Assemble Paddle Battle Tables

Thank you to Northwest Christian University for sending a great group of volunteers to help us build our ping pong tables for our upcoming Paddle Battle event (to be placed at various LG programs after the event). As part of Enhance the Community (ETC) Day NCU sends students, staff, and faculty to local nonprofits for an afternoon of volunteering.

We are so grateful to have had our group of NCU volunteers help build these ping pong tables. When we purchased them, we did not realize so much assembly would be required! With the help of the about a dozen NCU community members we now have these great tables which will be a resource for fundraising and recreation for our clients for years to come.

Every year Looking Glass is contacted by NCU to participate in ETC day. These volunteers have helped with a wide variety of projects, including maintenance and landscaping, helping Looking Glass maintain our high quality facilities.

Thank you again to NCU and Jennifer Little (Assistant Director for Residence Life & Coordinator for Campus Ministry) for organizing a great event for local nonprofits and including Looking Glass among the day’s accomplished efforts.