New Mural at Pathways Girls Brings Color to a Place of Healing

Looking Glass' Pathways Girls Program classroom has recently undergone an exciting transformation. Local artist Steven Wade Johnson (AKA Wayde Love) replaced a mural from 1995 that the staff and clients have been asking to be redone for years. Johnson spent an entire week working on the project. The mural is typical of his work, using geometric forms and high contrast, bright colors.

Johnson has lived in Eugene for over 20 years and is a self taught artist. Discussing his work, Johnson said "I believe that color truly affects people’s moods. Before starting a piece, I like to reflect on who will be seeing my art. I try to meditate on whatever mood I’m trying to create. In this particular case I feel like I wanted to create a positive and uplifting vibe for the students. I wanted to evoke positivity. I’m beyond thankful for having the opportunity to share my art with the students and staff of Looking Glass.” 

The previous wall mural (above) was painted in 1995 at Pathways Girls.

The previous wall mural (above) was painted in 1995 at Pathways Girls.

The staff and clients at Pathways Girls are overjoyed by the new mural and the change to the classroom. "I couldn’t agree more with Johnson’s approach to art and life." Said Ben Molin, Education Supervisor of Residential Programs. "He likes to bring people joy and happiness through his work. It was a lot of fun being around his process."  

As the students came into class the morning of it's reveal and saw the finished mural for the first time they were mesmerized, stating “Wow, it’s beautiful!” “His line work is on point” and “It’s so colorful and bright.”

As the compliments flowed out from the girls Molen said "it was hard to start class and look away from the colorful geometric sun, mountains, and clouds."

We are so greatful for the hard work that Johnson poured into this new mural that will delight the clients at Pathways Girls for years to come.